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Anyone who operates a vehicle on public highways with a minimum gross weight of 55,000 pounds or above is required to file a form 2290. The IRS does require a owner to efile their return if they own a fleet of 25 or more vehicles.

A Stamped Schedule 1 is proof of payment for a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) return. The stamped Schedule 1 is required by most agencies such as the DMV, DOT, and others for vehicle registration.

There is no limit so you can enter as many vehicles as you need.

Yes, you can still e-file your return after the due date. There may be a penalty/interest for late filing and the IRS will let you know the amount.

Yes, you can claim a credit for Form 2290 on your Sch C or business return.

Please check your return status, if the status shows "Transmitted" then we cannot update the return, you will need to file an amended Form 2290.

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After you have completed your return online, we will then offer you the different options you can pay your IRS tax payment. The 4 option are Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW), credit/debit card, EFTPS or check/money order.

The payment at the end is the filing fee that you pay us to transmit your return to the IRS. The IRS payment will be paid separately.